High School

Earn While You Learn

ABC of Iowa Apprenticeship and Training Trust strives to build partnerships with Iowa High Schools to make career and technical education a priority and viable option for high school graduates.

Job opportunities in the construction field are endless for students and don't require a traditional 2 or 4 year degree. Instead, these high-tech, high-stakes, huge earning potential careers encourage students to earn while they learn through an accredited and DOL recognized Apprenticeship Training Program like ABC of Iowa's.

By the end of 2017, the state of Iowa will require over 155,000 skilled construction workers to fill the labor need of the state. Instead of racking up large amounts of debt by going to a traditional college for 2-4 years, students can help close this gap by completing an Apprenticeship Program.

There are many possible ways in which a high school may work with ABC of Iowa Apprenticeship and Training Trust.
Below are a few suggestions.


ABC of Iowa members and ABC of Iowa Apprenticeship and Training Trust staff can help educate students about the opportunities in the construction industry. This can be done in small classrooms or in larger assemblies. ABC of Iowa can also host booths at career fairs or college days at your school.


Start a pre-apprenticeship program for your students in any construction related course(s) such as building trades and using the NCCER curriculum.

Students who complete the curriculum may receive credit towards an apprenticeship program in the same trade.


Help change the idea of what technical education and careers in construction actually mean.

Construction careers are not a fall back plan for not attending college, rather a different, equally important course to enter the workforce and make a difference.